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Customized Latest Promotional Non-woven Fabric Bar Mat
Non Woven Fabric Bar Mat, Promotional Bar Mat, Custom Bar Mats
GUINNESS PVC Bar Mat, Counter Mat Harmless,Bar Rail Mats
PVC Bar Mat, Bar Mat, Beer Mat Bar, Drink Mat Bar, Counter Mat, Bar Rail Mats
Hennessy PVC Bar Mat, Rubber Bar Mat,Custom Bar Mats
Hennessy PVC Bar Mat, Rubber Bar Mat,Custom Bar Mats
Custom Logo PVC Rubber Bar Mat,Bar Drip Rail Mat, Bar Runner
Custom Logo PVC Rubber Bar Mat, Bar Drip Rail Mat, Bar Runner
Bar mats are indispensable items to keep on the countertops of any bar. Spills and messes are bound to happen, so make sure your bar is covered with a proper mat to ward them off. These flexible, one-piece rubber bar mats are the perfect way to contain splashes and spills on your busy countertops, and they're the perfect solution for storing stacked glassware while it dries. Place them under condiment containers to cut and store garnishes, or use them for collecting condensation drips from restaurant pitchers.
Shop our large supply of bar mats at the lowest prices to find the right match for either your home or commercial bar. Whether you want something basic or novelty, we have a range of sizes and styles. Simple and functional, you caní»t go wrong with the Bar Mats in black or chocolate brown, or to proudly display brand names.
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