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Hennessy PVC Bar Mat, Rubber Bar Mat,Custom Bar Mats

Hennessy PVC Bar Mat, Rubber Bar Mat,Custom Bar Mats

Material: Nitrile Rubber / Natural Rubber Foam / Soft PVC

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►Crafted from 100% PVC material, is one of the safest materials in contact with tableware, glassware; They are safe, odourless and tastless; ECO-Friendly!


►The Hennessy PVC Bar Mats provide optimal drainage and friction. Whether you're placing martini glasses fresh out of the dishwasher on the mat to drain and air dry, or setting mixed drinks on it for waitresses to pick up to deliver to tables, this mat makes beverage service much more convenient and tidy.



►Extremely easy to wash, simply place the mat over the sink and let liquid drain out. Rinse with warm water. Hand washing is recommended to keep this mat in pristine shape and condition.



►The bristled surface allows air flow underneath wet glasses for quick and efficient air drying, and it provides a non-slip surface. This mat also helps absorb accidental spills or splashes;



►Spills and mishaps occur on a daily basis. Be sure to protect yourself against spills by buying one of your excellent bar mats. Our bar mats are very practical and also include a drainage system to take care of any spills that may occur. The black color will be a perfect match for any surface in your pub or bar.


►The practical Hennessy PVC Bar Mats are the perfect way to keep your bar top free from spills and marks. Finished in an emerald green colour, this hard wearing mat can be customized any logo.


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