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Home / News / First-Class Eco-Friendly Custom Enamel Badge At The Lowest Cost

First-Class Eco-Friendly Custom Enamel Badge At The Lowest Cost

Views: 270 Update date: Mar 31,2023

Are you looking for the best effective way to easily promote your brand in a cost-effective manner? Choosing the enamel badge will be one of the significant options for gaining the attention of more people. PROMORS brings you a specially designed custom enamel badge with eco-friendly metal pins. These will be the safer option to place on the dress, and they can easily improve your professional look. The enamel badge will create a good attraction and professional look for the clients. These are the most cost-effective customized promotional products for your business. You can also easily personalize your logo, sales message, and many more.

Custom Enamel Badge

Special Printing Custom Bar Mat:

Classic-designed custom bar mats are specially made with high-end printing techniques. These can be customized with unlimited colors, small font sizes, and massive gradients. These will be a suitable option for you to easily save your money even without any hassle. The custom bar mat is made with complete eco-friendly metals. So they will have a bio-resin dome even without any hassle. Eco metal pin badges are also completely made in the UK with recycled metals. These metallic badges are specially made using a completely eco-friendly process. There are also multiple designs of the bar mats available which gives you added promotions.

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